Mar 30

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I shouldn’t have expected better

As expected, the British Tabloid Press is all over the latest scandal to rock our unelected Prime Minister’s government. Mention the word “porn” and their reaction is utterly predictable. Le Sigh.

Just in case the point isn’t getting through, though: the real issue here is not that the Home Secretary’s husband watched a couple of pornos on pay-per-view. Whether you agree with the morality of it or not, that’s something they need to work out between them. For all we know, she might be perfectly okay with it.

The issue is that he then charged the cost of those videos to his wife’s expense account. And that’s not the worst abuse of the rules the couple has committed, far from it.

I swear, the sooner Gordon is out of office, the better. I just hope that the Labour party realises that soon enough before the next election that we won’t have to put up with five years of David fucking Cameron.

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