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The clue is in the name

Author: Dave Crisp

There is a reason why they’re called “killer” whales, you know.

In which PETA goes way too far

Author: Dave Crisp

This made me want to vomit. Which, in all honesty, is probably what PETA intended; except I want to do it OVER them.

Luckily, the ASA saw sense and banned it. Still, ughhhhh….

Amazon shenanigans

Author: Dave Crisp

Want to know why a sixth of Amazon’s catalog vanished over the weekend?


Scott Westerfield


What an almighty clusterfuck.

Scalzi, of course, has the best quote:

Amazon apparently forgot that when it moved against Macmillan, it also moved against Macmillan’s authors. Macmillan may be a faceless, soulless baby-consuming corporate entity with no feelings or emotions, but authors have both of those, and are also twitchy neurotic messes who obsess about their sales, a fact which Amazon should be well aware of because we check our Amazon numbers four hundred times a day, and a one-star Amazon review causes us to crush up six Zoloft and snort them into our nasal cavities, because waiting for the pills to digest would just take too long.