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Explanations of the category titles I use:

  • Admin
    • Administrative type-stuff. Yeah. Couldn’t think of an imaginative title for this one.
  • Linkgasm and Imagegasm
    • Stuff I found on the IntarWeb that i find interesting or amusing
  • Ranty McRantypants
    • In which I rant. Everyone does it occasionally.
  • Zomg Ghey
    • Yes. I’m a fruit. This is where I act like it.
  • Epic Levels of Geekery
    • In which I get my geek on. Linux r00lz!!!!111one!
  • Order, Order!
    • Political stuff. Not something I indulge in that often, but it goes here when I do.
  • Library of Dreams
    • Occasionally, I write fiction. It’s mostly stuff that feels like part of something bigger, but I can never figure out how to expand it. So it goes into the Library of Dreams, where all the novels that were never written are kept.
  • Randomitude
    • Random stuff that doesn’t really fit into any other category.

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