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Jun 21


Total Eclipse of the Heart – Literal Video Edition Funniest thing I’ve seen in Ages.

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Mar 27

It doesn’t hurt *that* much

Ashton Kutcher’s latest film includes a scene in which he performs a stunt shirtless. They wouldn’t let him do it himself for insurance reasons, but it turned out that his stunt double had recently had his chest waxed. So they told Ashton he had to wax his chest too. He’s not happy about it.

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Mar 23

On Homophobia and Hypocrisy

An Article in yesterday’s Independent talks about an apparent rise in homophobic crime in the UK, and how it is being under-reported, both by victims and the media. It makes some interesting points, and yet there is an unavoidable air of hypocrisy about it, as the first story mentioned in the article more than adequately …

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